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Essential Oil

Steam distillation, production of pure essential oils

Immortelle Hydrosol

Floral water, hydrolate

Dried immortelle

Produced on purchase order

About us

Vitaroma - Immortelle cultivation and essential oils production

Company got its name from place where it comes from - Vitina. It is small and yet beautiful village in south-west Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 5 km from Croatian border. Vitaroma is a family-owned company that grows Helichrysum Italicum and produces pure essential oils. Our plantations are located in sunny, western part of Herzegovina, in a small sunny village Vitina, near city of Ljubuški. Great geo-location, Mediterranean climate, karst terrain, homegrown seedlings and huge dedication to work are guarantees of quality for our products. Also, we have organic certificate for our essential oils that match along with EC regulations no 834/2007.

Our plantations

Our plantations are situated on karst field that is usually found in Mediterranean areas and is especially landmark of Herzegovina. That area has exceptional conditions for eco-friendly Immortelle cultivation. At the area that goes up to 13 hectares we have planted homegrown seedlings.

About Immortelle

Helichrysum italicum